Midian City Dolls


Acting as the eye candy of Midan's dirty streets, The Midian City Dolls are the city's beloved whores. Gritty and tough ladies who offer up the darkest fantasies, sexual needs and more to the city's residents. Constantly tempting and teasing, you often can't resist their natural charm and promises of what's to come.

Coralie and her girls presently operate out of the Peep Show (Faction HQ). Looking for a time you won't forget? They'll make sure of it... for the right price.




THe initiate title you receive upon entrance into the dolls. You must prove yourself worth and your understanding of your craft before you can advance in the ranks. As the lowest ranking girls, they mostly work the streets, sometimes dancing and bartending at the Peep Show.


Regular member of THE DOLLS. These girls have proven the knowledge of their craft and are dedicated to the improvement of the faction. The differentiating point between Sex Dolls and Dancing Dolls might be obvious by their names. Whores work to obtain regular customers within the Peep Show, the 4H, and the streets. The dancers are exclusively featured at the Peep Show, and are expected to tend bar in addition to performing for customers.

Either of these ranks indicate members who have shown excellent roleplaying skills and have obtained regular customers. They have authority over the Lower ranking girls, and often assist the leader with decisions. The also act as spies for illegal "outside" prostitution, and may be asked upon to do other tasks as the Doll Mistress deems necessary.


Doll Protection are the members of THE DOLLS who handle security and enforcement of the rules within the family. Must be skilled in weaponry, acts of reasoning and brute force. They typically 'fix' any problems the girls are having with a customer or harasser if they have been unable to do so themselves. They may also be handed special tasks to handle, such as gathering info stealthily or breaking in new girls. They are responsible for the safety of the Peep Show as well as the girls when they work the streets or other locations.

Doll Madame:

The Doll Mistress's right hand, second in command. If the leader is unavailable, the second in command will handle the decision making, day to day operations of the Peep Show, and making sure the girls and protection are all working as expected.


Head of the Midian City Dolls. In addition to all the responsibilities one of her dolls have, she takes into consideration who works the Peep Show, the 4H, and outside events. She finds girls for the gang. Sees if customers are agreeable. Takes care of all "outside" prostitution issues. Takes care of anyone threatening or abusing another member of the faction.

For any info beyond this, please contact the Doll Mistress,
Coralie Juliesse

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