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Volpe Nico
Biographical information
Birth Place

Alpha Labs Womb Facility #4


Carl Nico (Adopted Father), Angela Nico (Adopted Mother), Dr. Liam Cole (Biological "Father"/Creator, Presumed Deceased)


October 26th, 20XX

Physical description

Prototype Hybrid/Neko




5' 10"


Pale/Fine White Fur




Violet (Natural)/Variable


White (Natural)/Variable


Cybernetic Eyes (See Powers)

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Volpe Nico

Volpe Nico was a resident of Midian City, and was most notibly a member of the Catwalker gang. Volpe's history with the Catwalkers on-again, off-again, as she would frequently leave the group to persue various goals that she felt were best left unassociated with the hybrids she'd begun to call family. Her most recent departure, in an effort to locate the where-abouts of the missing Matron Bailey Longcloth, left her removed from the Catwalkers. During a brief fight with the Catwalker known as Rail, Volpe Nico (in disguise as the human male Axle) fell to her death.

Distinguishing Features

The most distinguishing feature about Volpe might be that she really doesn't have any distinguishing features at all. Everything about her can change, and on an almost daily basis, almost everything about her does. It's not unusual for Volpe to be sporting a new hairstyle, hair colour, eye colour, or even skin tone than she had the day before. Sometimes the changes come even quicker, as she rushes back to the Den to try on a new combination of clothes, wigs, and contact lenses. Even her personality goes through drastic swings. One day she could be the consummate assassin, the next a timid teenager hiding from the world. Only those closest to her ever get to see what might be considered the "True Volpe", but the question remains, is there even a real True Volpe?

Powers, Augmentations, Etc.

Alpha Labs created Volpe as one of the first in a series of Hybridization tests, aiming to take their synthetic birthing process to the next level. As such, Volpe shares many characteristics with the common Alpha Labs Synthetic Life Form. She is, in fact, a fully living being, though her DNA was created using a process developed by Alpha Labs to allow a more modular growth process. Volpe was tailor made to be a superior athlete, on par with any natural born Neko. Her agility and speed are evenly matched with others of her species, though her short-burst running ability puts her on par with an Olympic level Sprinter. This ability does have its drawbacks, though, as it is only effective for about 90 seconds before her body is so taxed it practically shuts down from exhaustion. Running for the full 90 seconds runs the risk of killing her, and running for even 60 seconds leaves her winded and unable to perform even human level movement.

Volpe has also had her eyes replaced with ocular implants. These cybernetic eyes grant her only a few minor abilities. She has a 6X Optical Zoom ability, low-light vision on par with some of the more "cat-like" hybrids, and the ability to overlay text and video from her PDA into her field of vision. Volpe's eyes have been known to short out, as her original cyber-eye was knocked out by a stun gun during her imprisonment at the UAC Detention Center following the latest roundup in Midian City.

Special Skills

Volpe is an adept impressionist, capable of mimicry and body language imitation given enough material to study from. Her capacity as an agent of Alpha Labs was as one of their Widow Class espionage/assassin units. Years of personality overlays, memory alteration, and standard training have given her a knack for disguise, acting, and the more subtle side of interrogation. She was also trained in the art of killing people, but has elected to put that part of her past behind her, vowing to never take another life unless no other alternative can be reached.


Volpe is proficient in all manner of small firearms, ranging from small to large pistols, and up into the sub-machine gun range. She is also adept at the use of sniper rifles, though prefers not to use them as it's harder to keep shots non-lethal.

History Edit

Pre-Midan City

Unit-82 was born in Alpha Labs Womb Facility #4, known among the Alpha executives as the twisted playground of Doctor Liam Cale. It was here that he produced many controversial clones, hybrids, and stuff only dreamed of in the most bizarre science fiction novels. The executive branch of Alpha Labs, thankfully, saw fit to have most of the unmarketable projects terminated. They did, however, stay their hand when it came to Dr. Cale's human hybridization experiments.

Upon Birth, Unit-82 was taken to the nearest hospital, and with the help of an Alpha employee, switched out a baby belonging to Carl and Angela Nico. Being unaware of the switch, as the baby was chosen for a very close physical likeness to Unit-82, they took her home that week. Her new parents named her Volpe, having already settled on that should they have a girl. She was raised by the Nicos until she was of age to go to school, at which time she was drafted back into Alpha Labs, where she was given memory implants to increase her rate of learning, allowing her to complete a full day of school work, as well as a full day of the Alpha mental conditioning.

This double-life continued up until her teenage years where, upon hitting the age of 16, she was promoted to a full fledged Widow unit and sent on missions. These usually entailed assuming a persona, getting close to a government or corporate executive, then interrogating them for information or assassinating them. Memory and personality overlays were often used to help Volpe assume certain personas who would have knowledge Volpe herself did not quiet possess. Accents, body language, anything to help her fully assume the role she was given for her mission, were uploaded into her mind.

During one mission, where she was sent out to join the local cell of a band of freedom fighters in order to get close to and eliminate the cell leader, she was given information that let her play an individual seeking to take down the corporate entity to whom Alpha Labs belonged. While the mission itself was a success, leading to the disbandment of the cell and the arrest of many of its key members, the information stuck with Volpe. She began to see what Alpha had made of her, understanding that she was simply a tool to them, something to be used until it broke. Using the skills they had taught her, she hid this side of her personality, completing only three more missions before finally vanishing completely during the last one.

The next several years saw Volpe waging a one-woman war against Alpha Labs and the company who owned them, drifting along from one terrorist cell to the next, always in an effort to bring down the company who had made her. It was during one of these missions that she ran across a true-born Neko by the name of [[Dui Zhang]]. Volpe worked with Dui and a number of other so-called terrorists for a few months before parting ways after the successful theft of a prototype tank being developed by Alpha Labs. Volpe continued her vendetta against the two companies for many years, until she was once again contacted by Dui, now the Matron of the [[Catwalkers]] in Midian City.

Post-Midan CityEdit

Out of the blue one July, Volpe received a call from Dui Zhang, inviting her to visit her family in a place called Midian City. Dutifully, Volpe booked the next flight headed over the Island in a Mercenary company's cargo plane, with every intention of parachuting down to the island. Landing on the beach, Volpe followed the directions provided to her by Dui to Subway rave party Dui happened to be DJing. She was introduced to a few of the other Catwalkers then, and was offered a chance to join their ranks. Having no other open prospects at the time, Volpe gladly accepted the opportunity presented to her, and became a Kittenwalker. As a Kittenwalker, she met and fell in love with fellow Kittenwalker [[Bianca Bender]] and the two shared a relationship that lasted for many months. She progressed rapidly through the training provided, quickly earning a promotion Catwalker shortly before the Kittenwalkers were restructured into the Catwalker Pledges still in use to this day.

As a Catwalker, Volpe seemed to focus on activities involving the skills she had already been given during her time at Alpha Labs, covert ops and spying being the two most useful in Midian. Sensing this, Volpe was twice promoted to Catwalker Ghost, once by the Dui Zhang (which she later stepped down from) and again by Head Trainer Ayami Imako (which she would stay as longer, though still eventually step down). Volpe spent several months grappling with doubts as to her usefulness to the Catwalkers, and would eventually step down again as ghost after [[Elise Capalini]] replaced Dui as Matron. At her request, Elise transfered Volpe to the Soldiers, but Volpe again stepped down to the rank of Catwalker.

Following her breakup with Bianca, Volpe was once again promoted to the rank of Catwalker Ghost, and from there to the leader of what would become an unofficial Ghost School. It wouldn't be long after this, however, that the city underwent a mass mental "regression" to where many of the city's citizens (due to a chemical in the city's water supply) began to think of themselves as their sixteen-year-old selves. The chemical worked as intended on Volpe who reverted to mentally to the time when she was still an indoctrinated Alpha Labs assassin. However, when the chemical wore off most people around a week later, it didn't do so on Volpe. Retaining her sixteen-year-old persona, Volpe became Unit-82 once again.

Unit-82, unaware of her status as a Catwalker, was tricked into joining them by former member Quentin Morrisey, and then-Wrath Kiri. Given the opportunity to join as a pledge, 82, adopting the name Two, started to retrain in everything that her previous self had already learned previously. At this time she learned that a man she had befriended, Lawrence Lowenstark (the sixteen year old version of Lazarus Lowenstark) was supposedly still alive as a neural backup in the League of Engineers supercomputer. Breaking into the lab, Two liberated a copy of the data and a genetic specimin from Lazarus, and stole away to an Alpha Labs facility to give Lawrence new life.

The act of escaping an Alpha Labs facility triggered within Two lost memories of the Catwalker Volpe, and a slow but steady progression toward the matured personality began, with Volpe and Two both vying for control of the body they both had rights to. Eventually a merger was achieved, with Volpe at the forefront, but still possessing some of Two's harsher sensibilities, and she was reinstated to full Catwalker status.

Volpe's return to Ghost status followed quickly after that, and in time she began training new Ghosts under the guidance of Elise Capalini, who felt that Volpe seemed to possess the necessary skills to lead the Ghosts, but not the temperment. Indeed, Volpe herself had stated previously that she didn't wish to lead anything, and backed out of any opportunity to take the position of Prowler. During this time of teaching, Volpe successfully raised one student to the rank of Ghost, the Catwalker Bailey Longcloth, who soon after was promoted again to Wrath upon the departure of Kiri.

Not long after Bailey's promotion, Elise was captured by the UAC Legion, and was to be executed for various trumped up crimes. The Wraths, Volpe, and other Catwalkers came up with a plan to secure the Matron's release by presenting them with a Decoy Matron played by Volpe. The plan started off well enough, though the intervention of the Legion's regional Commander saw a bloodless ceasefire called before the exchange could occur, with Elise being allowed to leave without incident.

During her imprisonment, Elise had discovered that she was with child, and decided that for the safety of her future offspring and family she would step down as Matron and leave Midian for Ireland. Doing the unexpected, she called for a democratic vote, asking all members of Catwalker rank and above to submit votes as to who they would like to see as their next Matron. This resulted in a four-way tie between Bailey, Dazy, Lindsay, and Volpe. The ultimate result saw Bailey Longcloth instated as Matron, with Dazy and Lindsay as Wraths, and Volpe eventually promoted to Prowler.

Bailey's rise to Matron also saw the return of Volpe's original trainer, Ayami Imako, who had left the Pride years prior during a dispute with Elise. With Ayami came her mate, Nya, Dazy's sister. Nya quickly enrolled in Volpe's so-called "Ghost School" and was promoted just as quickly due to her previous service as a Ghost, and impressive skills. Shortly after this, Volpe recieved word from one of her Mainland contacts that the man responsible for her creation had been located, and Volpe stepped down as Prowler to leave the Pride once again.

Picking up the trail, Volpe tracked her "father" across the Mainland, eventually catching up to him months later at a private lab in Tucson, Arizona. Breaking into the Lab, she discovered Dr. Cale in the process of creating further Synthetics, though this time much more beastial versions, possessing few human features and much more animalistic traits. Much larger, these new hybrids possessed greatly enhanced strength and agility, though seemingly at the expense of higher intelligence. Having only two produced specimins, Liam sent them after Volpe in a bid to escape, activating the lab's quarantine protocols before slipping out to let the building explode around Volpe and her "brothers".

Injured in the explosion, and suffering from chemical burns across her body and to her respiratory system, Volpe quickly donned a surviving Environmental Containment suit to escape further damage to her lungs, and attempted to persue Dr. Cale. She passed out some time later outside the Tucson airport, once again losing the trail of the deranged scientist.

Unknown to Volpe at that time, Dr. Cale was being watched by members of a revitalized Hybrid Liberation Front, who were interested in Liam's research. They recovered the unconsious Volpe, and deposited her back in Midian City, where she was discovered by members of the Catwalkers. At first they didn't recognize the hybrid as Volpe, due to the containment suit, but eventually Bianca, now head Stitcher, drew a connection and brought the injured Volpe back to the Den where she performed emergency surgery to save Volpe's life.

While recovering in the Den, Volpe was approached by the Matron, Bailey, and offered a renewed membership in the Catwalkers. She accepted, returning at the rank of Pledge/Kittenwalker once more, though quickly returning to the rank of Ghost. Her return, however, was short lived. Confined to a containment suit, as Midian's poluted air aggrivated her lung condition, and with few options, Volpe left the Catwalkers in search of a remedy to her failing condition. With regrets, Volpe headed for Wake Island where her one-time lover, Niobe Macavity, resided.

The cleaner environment, and an expensive transplant, allowed Volpe to return to a relatively normal life. The new lungs didn't quite operate up to the capacity her natural ones, which prevented her from using her enhanced speed, but she still maintained her feline agility and grace, maintaining her as a formidible opponent in close-quarters combat. She joined Niobe's racing team, driving one of her cars while Lawrence Lowenstark drove the other.

This peace was not meant to last, however, when a call from Bailey Longcloth saw Volpe returning to Midian City in an effort to help support the Pride. Reinstated directly to the Catwalker rank, a move seen by some as biased and without merit, Volpe attempted to reintegrate into Pride life but couldn't quite come to terms with the Midian lifestyle again. Living on Wake offered Volpe many opportunities to slip away for days at a time between races, and the need to be around to support the Catwalkers was difficult to settle. Volpe's return was spotty, being gone for days or sometimes weeks at a time, and barely interacting with her new Pridemates.

Months after her return, Volpe was promoted to the rank of Ghost again, and shortly after she returned to the rank of Prowler. Neither promotion sat well with her, and she maintained a distant attitude, still staying away from the Den when possible. The timing of her promotion, however, seemed fortuitous as a week later the Matron vanished. Volpe, concerned for her friend and one-time student, left the Pride once again in search of clues pointing toward the fate and location of the Matron, eventually returning to the Mainland in persuit of answers.

Volpe lost the trail on the Mainland after three days of searching for any sort of lead. Assuming the worst, Volpe returns to Wake Island to finish out the race season before returning to Midian to begin her search anew. Upon her return, she discovers that in her absence, Ayami and Nya have named themselves Co-Matrons. Uncomfortable with this prospect, Volpe goes into hiding, avoiding contact with most Pride members before finally locating the catfish hybrid, Blake. Refusing to return to the Pride, and ultimately not believing herself to be welcome anyway, she agrees to a temporary stay in order to pass on her knowledge of spying and espionage to Blake. She adopts the guise of a human male named Axle, revealing herself only to two other residents on the island, one being her adopted sister, Daniella Svoboda, whom allows Volpe to stay at her appartment, and work at Madre's as a cover.

Three weeks into her return, Volpe (as Axle) was cornered on a rooftop by a member of the Catwalkers known as Rail. Not knowing Volpe, both due to the former Catwalker's skill at disguise and an unfamiliarity with the woman in general due to her proclivity for avoiding the Den even when she was part of the gang, Rail attacked Volpe thinking her an intruder. Volpe refused to fight back, and was eventually driven over the edge of the building where she fell to her death.

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