Zydrate vial

Liquid Zydrate

Zydrate pill

Zydrate in it's club-going, pill form.

An extremely powerful analgesic, Zydrate produces a euphoric sense of remove, perfect for those about to undergo surgery or those looking for an ultimate high. Ashagi has a monopoly on sales of the highly addictive substance, but it is also readily available on the black market from drug dealers. Zydrate is naturally produced by human brains as they decompose. It is illegally harvested by graverobbers using a syringe, then sold to addicts in either liquid form or (more commonly) as a pill.

The liquid is frequently injected intravenously or applied to the tearduct via a needle. The pill is consumed oraly and is quite popular with the club scene in low-income UAC neighborhoods and, naturally, Midian itself.[1]

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